Transportation – Rideshare Info



Taxi transportation vehicles, including other ride-sharing services such as Uber, Lyft, zTrip etc. may drop-off and pick-up at the Transportation Plaza located south of the Grandstands near Gate C. To drop-off or pickup guests:

  • Ride-sharing vehicles enter from Village West Parkway to Martinsville Dr.
  • Proceed West on Daytona Dr.
  • Turn right at Talladega Dr. into the Transportation Plaza
  • Use ride-share traffic lanes & park at next available numbered space
  • Exit via Daytona Drive
  • Proceed east towards Martinsville Dr.
  • Follow traffic attendant direction out of the facility

Important Guidelines:

  • ​Drivers should message their rider their space number upon parking.
  • Ride-Share drivers must remain with their vehicle at all times when dropping off or picking up a guest.
  • Failure to follow these directions or to park in a non-designated area may result in your vehicle being towed at your expense.