Transportation – Directions



For directions navigating the property once you’ve arrived and parked, please view the tram and ADA bus map here.

Kansas Speedway has several routes to choose from on race day:

  • From Interstate 70 – Take exit I-70 at 110th Street (exit 410). You’ll be routed to Speedway Boulevard, where parking attendants will direct you to Talladega Drive.
  • East of I-435 – Take State Avenue west to the speedway.
  • From I-435 – Take Interstate 70 west to 110th Street (Exit 410)

When traveling to the Speedway via I-435 expect delays.  Once the State Avenue exit begins to back up traffic officials will close that exit.  We recommend you travel to the Parallel Parkway exit.  Take Parallel Parkway to 110th St. and take a Left (near Target and JCPenny’s).  You will then be led back to State Avenue where you will be directed to our parking lots.

Please Note: Due to the volume of vehicles arriving at the Speedway on raceday, expect delays.

  • Please use all available lanes on State Avenue when arriving…we will direct you to the parking lots!
  • Entry gates on State Avenue will close from East to West when lots fill during inbound traffic.
  • Do not park south of Speedway Blvd…Crossing four lanes of traffic is dangerous and delays traffic flow.
  • If you park in the Legends shopping area you will not be able to cross State Avenue until traffic is clear.  For this reason it is recommended that you park in our parking lots.