Aug 30, 2013
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How did you get started as a Pit Tour Club member? A friend of mine, his brother worked at the California speedway and hooked him up with the paint crew refinishing the track walls after the races. He then hooked up with the PTC where he got me in the club. I have been here since the first Cup race in 2001.

How long have you been a Pit Tour Club member and how long have you acted as a “Team Leader”? I have been a member of the PTC since 2001. I have served as the Club President and currently serve as a team leader with our main focus on the Finish Line Hospitality Club or whatever ‘Doc’ wants us to help with. I think if you ask any of my team mates or others in the club that know me very well, I have never “acted” like a team leader. This opportunity is too much fun to “act” like anything other than excited and happy to be here.

Where do you live and how far away is this from Kansas Speedway? I live in Gladstone, Missouri which is about 25 minutes away on the North East side of the KC metro area.

What got you interested in NASCAR and how long have you been a fan? I have been a fan of NASCAR since my single digit days. I have always been a car nut to some extent or the other. Whether it is NASCAR or WRC or Australian V8 Supercars or Formula One or Indy or ALMS, anything with speed and loud pipes. I am fortunate enough to be able to live near a track that will allow me to get my need for speed several times a year. I am really looking forward to the Gran-Am race in August.

Who’s your favorite driver? Old timers: Richard Petty, Cale Yarbrough. More recently: Dale Jarrett, Mark Martin, Michael Waltrip. Today: Brad Keselowski, Matt Kenseth

What’s your favorite part of Kansas Speedway? I think my favorite part of the Speedway is a spot, either at the entrance to Pit Road or the exit. Right there just inside the wall you get the most wonderful sound. You get to notes from the exhaust of the cars on the track as they fly by and echo off the outside wall. It is almost like a double shot of espresso, BAM! The “roar of the engine” is no more prominent than right there. You feel it deep down in your bones, in your soul. This is what it is all about.

Tell us your favorite story/moment/memory of a race weekend while being part of the Pit Tour Club? The first cup weekend I was down in the pits watching some of the race behind Dale Jarrett’s pit. He came in to pit, took four tires and a load of Sunoco racing fuel. After he shot out of his pit, the tire changer was sprucing up and picked up a handful of the lug nuts that had just come off of Dale’s car and handed them to me. Like a kid in a candy store.

What’s your favorite part giving a tour to a hospitality client of Kansas Speedway? The people are the best part. Whether it is the excitement on a guest’s face when they get to see A driver OR their driver or when a person who is experiencing the track for the first time hears a car start up in the garage, I love this opportunity just to be around the people. I have built up some relationships with the guests that come back every year and to see their expressions when they come back and see a familiar face makes standing for hours and not getting to see much of the actual race worth the time and effort.  When you volunteer as we do you have to be willing to give something extra to the guests that they were not expecting. This is all about making sure that the guests have more than great time and I feel it is my opportunity to provide that little something extra, something that they did not expect, that makes them want to return year after year.