Jul 30, 2013
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Pit Tour Club – Member Spotlight


Dave Vigness

How did you get started as a Pit Tour Club member? Heard a radio spot on KCFX doing a live spot on a pick nick day before race weekend asking anyone interested to come out and sign up.

How long have you been a Pit Tour Club member? Since 2008

Where do you live and how far away is this from Kansas Speedway? Waverly KS, just over one hour drive.

Who is your “Team Leader”? Gary

What got you interested in NASCAR and how long have you been a fan? Dad raced stock cars on a dirt track when I was a kid

Who’s your favorite driver? Tony Stewart

What’s your favorite part of Kansas Speedway? The way the speedway was designed for guest access to the pits / garage area.

Tell us your favorite story/moment/memory of a race weekend while being part of the Pit Tour Club? Before a Time Warner sponsored race I was giving an ADA tour on a special golf cart to a gentleman in a wheel chair and his three companions. Security gave us some leeway on access so I could drive him up to different features of the track for pictures around the pits. On our way out around the north end of the pits we were stopped as the classic roadrunners were being brought in. He was able to get close up pictures of each one as they paraded by before we made our way back up and around to the stairs outside the hospitality village.

What’s your favorite part giving a tour to a hospitality client of Kansas Speedway? Telling people about all the little things about the track that doesn’t make it into all the brochures.