Jul 8, 2013

Pit Tour Club – Member Spotlight


Nicole Reynolds

How did you get started as a Pit Tour Club member? I volunteered for another department at the track. When their volunteer needs changed, I was referred to the PTC.

How long have you been a Pit Tour Club member? Since 2004.

Where do you live and how far away is this from Kansas Speedway? St. Joseph, Mo. About an hour from the track.

Who is your “Team Leader”? Gary and Heidi

What got you interested in NASCAR and how long have you been a fan? The Legendary Black Number 3 got me interested in the sport. I’ve been a fan for so long it makes me feel old just thinking about it!

Who’s your favorite driver? Four way tie--Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon and Dale Jr. Really anyone who races for Hendrick or Stewart-Haas is alright by me.

What’s your favorite part of Kansas Speedway? Pit road and the garage areas.

Tell us your favorite story/moment/memory of a race weekend while being part of the Pit Tour Club? There are too many to pick just one. I love interacting with fellow fans and there's just an excitement that never gets old. The sound of cars taking to the track, seeing members of the Motorsports world up close. The fly over. Victorious burnouts. I could go on and on!