Jun 7, 2010
Posted In Drivers

This last month has been packed full of things to do!   We moved our shop in Mooresville.   I spent over a week and all of Memorial Day weekend moving.  You never know how much stuff you have until you move it all.

Moving was not much fun but I didn't mind because I am finally getting back in the seat for a race!.  I will be running the truck race in Michigan June 12th.  I am driving to Nashville the week of the race to meet the team we are working with and get my seat put in the truck.
Mid-week I fly to Detroit to do some marketing for my sponsor and a special program they are launching in Detroit.

I was also busy the past few weeks working with the Bessemer City, North Carolina middle school.  I spoke to the students in May to motivate and inspire them to do their best on their end-of-grade tests.  I went back the first of June to do a special meet-and-greet where I hung out with the kids.  I took a race car to the school, which they thought was pretty cool.  It was a lot of fun, but honestly, I had forgotten how crazy Junior High was.  I have a whole new respect for my Junior High teachers!

Between moving shops, doing the stuff at the school and getting ready for the race in Michigan, I haven't had a lot of time to do much else.
 I've hung out with friends a little bit.  One of my buddy's has a pool table and we have been playing a couple times a week lately.  I'm still not good at it, but we have a good time playing.  As always, I'm doing a lot of racing on the computer and playing box playing Xbox.

I will be in the #46 truck at Michigan.  I have a phenomenal sponsor and they are launching a special program for the Detroit race with Feeding America.  Watch the race to find out more!