The Chase Austin Files


Hey everyone, its another update from your buddy Chase Austin!
Lately I've been trying to get in the best shape possible for my up coming races.  I have not been able to race much these past two season and I'm afraid it made me a bit lazy about working out. I'm more motivated than ever to work out now that I have a shot at doing some racing this year.  I don't want to "fall out of the seat" the last half of the race. Focusing on strengthening my stamina has been the hardest part so far.  I'm not a big fan of running until it feels like my lungs are going to burst, but that is what I have been doing to train for racing.

I'm naturally a VERY skinny person, some may say "scrawny". I have also been working on building up my arms, neck and stomach.  Seeing the progress I made in these past few months helps me keep my self discipline. When I go back home, my friend Jordan is my work out partner. It always makes it easier when you have someone else encouraging you to get off your butt and hit the gym.
Besides working out, I have been working in the family business and gaming it up on the XBOX, Playstation, or computer, like I usually do. I find it unpleasant to know that I have more friends online than I do in real life.  It is more convenient to hang out with my online buddies, since they're only a click of a button away. I've been practicing the Kansas Speedway and several other tracks on my favorite racing game on the computer, ARCA Sim Racing. The makers of the game have done a lot to help me prepare in the past for the tracks that I was planning to run in real life.  I think ARCA Sim Racing is honestly one of the best tools to get ready for a race .

Well, that is the most recent news in my life. Until next time, I'll keep chasing the dream - and you do the same!
Chase Austin

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