Biffle a Natural at Selling Kansas Speedway Tickets


For NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series driver Greg Biffle, a typical day in Kansas involves a green flag and pit stops. Tuesday, Biffle experienced another side of NASCAR by selling tickets to Kansas Speedway race fans.

Biffle spoke with race fans calling to purchase tickets to Kansas Speedway, making an extra effort to meet with fans as they arrived at the ticket office window.

"I really like this race track and run very well at it. I think it puts on a good race for the fans," said Biffle. " I'm out today to sell some tickets to Kansas Speedway."

Nick Reilly, Topeka, Kan., resident, was fortunate enough to meet Biffle in person. Reilly, an avid Kansas Speedway fan since 2000, said he enjoys the access to NASCAR that Kansas Speedway provides race fans in the Midwest.

"When I saw Biffle would be at Kansas Speedway today, I jumped all over it. I had never had an opportunity like this before," Reilly said. "A day like today is a special thing for us fans; I can't drive just anywhere and meet a NASCAR driver, only because of Kansas Speedway.

"I was never a race fan when I just tried to watch it on TV. But now, I get seven season tickets and haven't missed a race at Kansas Speedway since 2000 - whether ARCA, IndyCar, NASCAR - you name it and I'm there with the same seats every year."

Biffle answered phone calls and filled ticket orders for race fans from across the country. Paul Seiler Jr. phoned from his hometown of Indianola, Iowa, to talk to Biffle. He heard Biffle would be in the ticket office on KCMO radio, but never dreamed he would actually get to speak with him.

"It's a plus for doing business with Kansas Speedway," Seiler said. "I attend Kansas for the IndyCar races definitely, but the driver access with NASCAR is great. And getting to speak with Biffle at Kansas made it even better.

"It's surprising how easy he was to talk to. We even joked that he should get a percent of the cut on his ticket sales. Now I may even root for him. And that's the advantage of going to a race somewhere like Kansas Speedway - you get to root for the driver you want. On TV, they only show you who or what they want to."

Heidi Walord of Randolph, Kan., called Kansas Speedway's ticket office for additional tickets to the Pit Stop Pub. Her aunt in Syracuse, New York, had told Walord that Biffle would be at Kansas Speedway after she watched Inside NEXTEL Cup on SPEED Channel.

"She called to tell me she thought of me because Biffle would be in Kansas. But when I called about our Pub tickets I had no idea I would actually get to talk to him," Walord said. "Wow, quite an experience for a surprised Kansas Speedway fan."

At first, Walord thought she would hear a taped recording of Biffle. She was surprised to have a full conversation with the actual NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series driver.

"He's really down-to-earth," Walord said. "I mean, any driver in NASCAR that is going to take time out of his day to talk Boxers with someone in Kansas has to be a good guy."

The staff in Kansas Speedway's ticket office provided Biffle with tips on speaking with race fans and selling tickets. But, the famed driver of the #16 Roush Racing acted as if he was a natural.

"We have one of the best race tracks on the NEXTEL Cup Series circuit," Biffle told a lucky Kansas Speedway customer. "Have you seen the finish the last couple years here? Unbelievable. You need to come and see it for yourself."

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