Mar 5, 2018
The Loose Lugnuts, a tailgating family that met at Kansas Speedway, pose for a photo outside their tailgating spot
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The Loose Lugnuts first wrote to us for inclusion in our Valentine's Day feature. In reading their story, we decided there was no way to condense the incredible heart and soul of this tailgating family and still do their story justice. We held onto it until we could share it in full. 

There are so many layers of love at Kansas Speedway, but let me share mine!
I have been a season ticket holder since the track opened. It has become two of the most LOVING four-day weekend adventures in my life each year! It all started with my Great Uncle Ron and myself going together to celebrate an event that we both LOVE - RACING! As we spent the first few years tailgating, we met so many amazing people in the parking lot. The "Front Row Joes" as we call them are a great group of people! They rush to be first in the parking lot so they get more hours in the day together!! But, only MY shirt confirms my name to be Front Row Joe…in case you were wondering!
Now, let's fast forward a few years…after a couple years of running into the same group of people in the parking lot, we formed a group called The Loose Lugnuts. Yes - crazy as it sounds, we have matching shirts, a banner that flies high, a mascot Mr. TopNutz and stories that probably shouldn't be retold off the track! This group has celebrated three weddings together, the birth of our first Loose Lugnut baby, and the death of a member….and we didn't know each other until we met at KansasSpeedway!!
As we began forming The Loose Lugnuts, I started dating Jeremy. He quickly joined our group and became one of the founding members. As our love grew, s did our tailgating group. He proposed to me at the spring race May 6, 2016 at our meeting The Lugnut Summit. Can you believe it?!?!?! After dating for 5 years, he realized The Loose Lugnuts are so much more than family and he felt that it was only right to propose on a weekend with so many memories to be shared. Here are some pictures of that amazing day!

After meeting at Kansas Speedway years earlier, Jeremy proposed to Carrie during their tailgating before the race

Our engagement came shortly after the wedding of other members of our group - Chris Robinson and Alyssa Robinson (Chris is in the back row with a red hat…unfortunately his wife was not able to join us for this particular race day). (Remember Kevin in the blue hat and his fiancé Alicia…they are part of the LOVE story coming later!)

The Loose Lugnuts, a tailgating family that met at Kansas Speedway, pose for a photo outside their tailgating spot

Chris and Alyssa are awesome and the entire Loose Lugnut group was there to celebrate their nuptials with them. They now have a baby boy Crosby…who already has his own Loose Lugnut shirt!! Crosby visits the group at the speedway each race weekend and shows there is hope for the future of our group! I will share with you some photos of their SPEEDWAY LOVE! 

Baby Crosby points towards the cars on track. He is the first baby Loose Lugnut
 How can you not LOVE this kid?

Well…Jeremy and I got married on June 3, 2017! What an amazing ride! The Loose Lugnuts came from Iowa, Missouri and Kansas to celebrate with us! Don't mind the Dale Earnhardt Sr Monte Carlo in the picture. It seems to sneak in every now and then. 

Carrie and Jeremy met at Kansas Speedway; this photo is from their wedding years later

Once our wedding was over, the group immediately went into celebrating another wedding! Oh yes, this LOVE STORY continues! (Remember Kevin and Alicia…I told you about them earlier!) Kevin and Alicia Robinson were married on September 23, 2017. Another amazing couple I would not have known if it weren't for KANSAS SPEEDWAY! This group just fits so perfectly together! The LOVE just grows and grows! 
Absolutely love the free spirited and happy people KANSAS SPEEDWAY has brought into my life! I assure you…The Loose Lugnuts have built a family…out of nothing more than the grassy parking lot at KANSAS SPEEDWAY.

Kevin and Alicia, another Loose Lugnuts couple, share wedding cake during their wedding

The Loose Lugnuts have even recruited a member of the Kansas Speedway family! (Hopefully, he is okay with me giving away his secret and YES, he got his own shirt!!) Yep, that guy in the middle is non other than our latest recruit - Steve "Mr Feetsy" Rieth. He is part of the crew that runs the ADA tent to shuttle handicapped NASCAR fans to and from the speedway. What an AMAZING service to provide for all the race fans who need the extra support to enjoy a sport they LOVE!! We might have enticed him and the ADA crew with plenty of food…but we also feed the traffic directing folks in our area! I think The Loose Lugnuts probably feed an extra 10-15 people each race morning. Nobody can do their job without a good hearty breakfast burrito or biscuits & gravy! Now, that's LOVE!!

The Loose Lugnuts pose in their t-shirts with a member of the Kansas Speedway parking team

Well, I will leave you with the last remaining piece of LOVE that fills our hearts…Meet Big John. He is the first member of The Loose Lugnuts to pass away and we have left his legacy to continue with a special edition of our race day T-Shirts.

Big John was an original member of the Loose Lugnuts who passed awayA member of the Loose Lugnuts models the shirt that honors the loss of charter member Big John, who passed away
Sorry this LOVE STORY was so long, but I needed you to know what kind of family the KANSAS SPEEDWAY has given me! (And I dare you to find a group that has built this much LOVE out of a grass field!!)

Charter Nuts: Scott Robinson, Chris Robinson, Ron Van Alst, Vic Tomlinson, Carrie Hamre, Jeremy Giesbrecht, Bill Green and Jindra Green
Lost Nuts: Kevin Robinson, Lori Sharp, Jim Sharp, Alicia Rocha, Alyssa Robinson
Angel Nut: Big John Hardwick