Oct 2, 2015
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“This past weekend, Kansas Speedway hosted an event run by the NASA Central Region and unfortunately had to cancel the end of day activities on Sept. 26 and the full day of activities on Sept. 27.


The NASA Central Region or someone affiliated with the NASA Central Region attempted to conduct an unauthorized event involving street cars driving on the track at a high speed that in our opinion did not meet the safety standards necessary to operate at Kansas Speedway. This event was not part of the NASA contract with Kansas Speedway, had not been discussed with Kansas Speedway staff prior to the event weekend, and was never approved by Kansas Speedway.


While Kansas Speedway staff attempted to rectify this issue, the NASA Central Region staff disregarded Kansas Speedway’s concerns and staff instructions and attempted to run this event anyway.


In addition, the NASA Central Region promoter demonstrated a lack of regard for ensuring that safety workers and vehicles, corner workers, and race control staff were in place prior to taking vehicles on track at high speed preceding scheduled prototype testing on Saturday morning.


As a result of the foregoing issues, Kansas Speedway’s only recourse was to cancel the remainder of the event.”