Jul 26, 2011

Taking the Ricky vs. Trevor show on the road, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Trevor Bayne had some fun off the track before heading to Nashville for the NASCAR Nationwide Series race this past weekend.  Wearing Red Sox jerseys with their names and car numbers on the back, the two competed at Fenway Park in the newest installment of Ricky vs. Trevor.

First, the two Roush Fenway drivers competed to see who could throw a Frisbee the farthest with Trevor earning the first point of the three point challenge.

The second competition was a dizzy bat contest, where the two drivers put their heads on baseball bats and spun in circles and then ran a certain distance. Ricky won that challenge and tied the competition.

The final, and deciding competition, was a pitching contest to see who could throw a pitch the fastest. Ricky showed his pitching prowess by throwing a 68 mph fastball to win the competition.

What were the two competing for? Trevor awarded Ricky a Trevor Bayne-signed baseball for winning the event. Ricky, however, wasn’t impressed.

The Ricky vs. Trevor competition continued in Nashville, when the two young drivers took to the track to compete to be the driver to have his picture on the face of the Mark Martin bobble head doll for the week.  In the end, it was Ricky who came away with the win finishing second once again to Roush teammate Carl Edwards in the race,  while Trevor finished ninth.

So for at least another week Ricky has earned bragging rights in the race shop and his picture will remain on the head of the bobble head doll while Trevor will remain on the rear. Follow the competition at www.rickyvstrevor.com.