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NASCAR drivers love Twitter and it is a great way for them to connect with their friends, family and fans while living their on-the-go lifestyle. Do you follow your favorite NASCAR driver or NASCAR personality on Twitter? If you don’t, here is what you might have missed during the first half of the season.

Kyle Busch @KyleBusch
 Let’s do this @wipeout!! ROFLMAO

Trevor Bayne   @Tbayne21
Just ran my first dirt modified with @kenny_Wallace #tonystewart #kenschrader!! So much fun #gotahaveone

Clint Bowyer @RCR33Bowyer
Had an ESPN commercial shoot today at RCR that involves @RCR29Harvick. It’s going to be hilarious. Should air in August!

Cole Whitt @colewhitt
 Texas. My kinda state. Lots of big diesel trucks with big bumpers

Kasey Kahne @kaseykahne
@blakeshelton just blew out Clinton Bowyer’s speakers on the lake. What a place!!!

Jamie McMurray @jamiemcmurray
Stopping at McDonalds for some lunch before I go to the track. My dad and I just left Bass Pro Shops getting some worms to go fishing tonight.

Kenny Wallace   @kenny_Wallace
The No. 84 Mod tested my patience last night @maconspeedway!..But I started 17th out of 20 and went to the front P5..I Win he loses

Elliot Sadler @Elliot_Sadler
Holla!! RT @TAPOUTSKRAPE: Yo @Elliot_Sadler you ready to hit the souvenir trailer and do this signing on Friday in Daytona? Let’s have fun bro.

Michael Waltrip @mw55
Let’s be the person who accepts the wave and waves back. As the kids say ‘its all good’

Greg Biffle @gbiffle
Announced on his Twitter that he and his wife were having a girl.
“It’s a girl!!!! Barbie doll not a fishing rod” fun day fishin!

Juan Pablo Montoya @jpmontoya
The @Target Race Car is in the #Transformers movie. So, technically, we’re kind of like Optimus Prime’s half-step-brother or something.

I guess the NBA is learning from NASCAR!!!! Have at it boys LOL!!!!

Many drivers take the time to answer fans Twitter messages.

@Jamiejam55411 (asked) whats ur favorite baseball team? Mine is the MN Twins
@DeLanaHarvick (answered) Braves

@MoonbeamJo (asked) How many pairs of shoes do you have?
@DeLanaHarvick (answered) I’ve never counted

 @AllyLyn11 (asked) what was the hardest part of becoming a racecar driver?
 @dennyhamlin (answered) being good at it

 @KeelyVarada (asked) will you marry me?
 @dennyhamlin (answered) It’s just not the right time…

@smushlee (asked) what do u see yourself doing after you’re done with your NASCAR career
@dennyhamlin (answered) traveling the world

@WRETCHEDPIGGY (asked) who’s your favorite band, and what song do you listen to get you hyped for the races?
@dennyhamlin (answered) Jay Z!!!

@rawr_shannon (asked) If you weren’t an amazingly gorgeous race car driver, what would you want to be?
@dennyhamlin (answered) selling trailers, hitch install

 @missjuliek (asked) what’s the best ice cream ever?
 @KyleBusch (answered) Baskin Robbins world class chocolate

@jsmith5605 (asked) why do you never see only front tires changed on pitroad?
@JeffGordonWeb (answered) if we did anything unique like that it would be rear tires only. Rear grip is more important typically.

 @CSousis (asked) you coming to Lebanon Valley with KKR in July?
 @KaseyKahne (answered) no I can’t. Never been there. Maybe someday.

 @bumpm14 (asked) when and where is your first cup race going to be?
 @austindillon3 (answered) Kansas Speedway

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