Jul 7, 2010
Posted In Chase Austin

This past month I FINALLY had the chance to race!  I ran the NASCAR Camping World Truck race in Michigan.  The result wasn't what I wanted (we lost the motor on lap 11), but I felt so blessed to be back on the track.  I'm working with some really great people right now and I feel really good about getting the chance to do a lot more racing in the near future!

Our sponsors in Michigan were Walgreen's and Forgotten Harvest.  Forgotten Harvest "rescues" food that would have been thrown out from grocery stores, restaurants and other places and donates it to emergency food providers for free!  All the Walgreen's stores in the Detroit area have a program where you can go in to the store and give food or make a donation. I got to tour Forgotten Harvest to see what they do, which was awesome.  I met some really cool people and I was blown away with how many people go hungry in America every day.  Hanging out with those guys for a day was very eye opening.  I am excited about going back to the next Michigan race in August to help them again!  (You can still donate - just go to my web site and click on the "donate" link.)  (PS. $1 provides FIVE meals, that is amazing!)

I probably don't need to tell you that I have been playing video games as frequently as possible.  If you read my updates, you could have guessed that.  But, you might be surprised at what I am playing these days... The new Transformer's game!   For those of you who are into it, I HIGHLY suggest you try it!  (Yeah it sounds nerdy, but its my new obsession...)  I did spend a lot of time running Michigan on the ARCA Sim Racing game to get ready for the June race, but lately, it has been all Transformers.

Another late breaking development is that I am in KANSAS!  I got the chance to come home sort of unexpectedly on the 4th of July.  Anyone who knows me would tell you that the fourth is one of my favorite holidays. I mean come on, who doesn't love a day where it is legal to blow things up and not get in trouble?!   I hung out with friends from high school, blew stuff up and went to a pool party.  What is not to love about a day like that?  I like to think that my love of the fourth of July makes me quite a patriot (instead of a pryo) but my Mom might disagree.

Well, I hope everyone had a great 4th of July this year!  Keep on logging in every month to see what's new!