The Chase Austin Chronicles

So the good news is... I'm in Kansas!  The bad news...  It will be a while before I get my shot at racing at the Kansas Speedway. ( I did recently race the Kansas Speedway, but it was on ARCA Sim Racing.  I started 23rd and finished 4th.)  I'm kind of disappointed that I'm not racing.  I've been eagerly awaiting my chance to drive on my home track for a couple of years, but hey, I just have to stay optimistic!  I still got to came back home this week, and I get to see my friends and family.  By the way, things do seem to be progressing nicely for some racing later this season!
I was honored recently when I was asked to be the guest speaker at Bessemer City Middle School in North Carolina.  I will speak to more than 600 students at a pep-rally to kick off the “Race to The End & Stay on Track” program on May 10th.  I hope I can inspire students to do their best on their upcoming end-of-grade tests. I will report back to you to let you know if I managed to inspire anyone...
Since I have been back in Kansas, I've been video gaming it up with my friends, Anthony and Jordan, we have been putting in some hours in.  I brought my Xbox and small TV with me from North Carolina so I could set it up in a small room at my parents house. I have all my other portable electronics in the room.  I like to call it my miniature laboratory!  I'm kind of crammed in that room.  My Mom has a yoga ball at the desk instead of a chair.  Have you ever tried to race on a yoga ball? 
I've also been fishing in the pond by my parents house. My sister, Uncle and I have pretty good luck catching fish.  Here is the down side, along with fish, we seem to find snakes.  Let me make this clear, I'm not a wimp, but there is something about snakes that freaks me out. If they surprise me, I've been known let out a slightly girlish scream. I can't believe I'm admitting that publicly...
With that embarrassing confession, I think it's time for me to close!  For those of you heading to the Speedway, (and if you’re not, you should be) be safe and have a blast - one day, I will be there with you!   Until next months news letter, keep "chasing your dreams" and I'll do the same.
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