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The past week has been kind of a bummer.  I guess there was a bad stomach flu going around and yours truly caught it.  After a long recovery and a lot of time on my XBOX, I’m fully healed and back on my feet.
While I'm talking XBOX...  My friend Giffy and I have been on an XBOX controller painting spree lately.  I go to our family race shop every day to help my Dad with our family business.  I fix things, work on the cars, clean up, load stuff in the computer, pretty much anything he needs me to do.  Things have been slow lately and nothing major has been broken (that is a good thing).   I've had some time to work on XBOX stuff.    Any XBOX controller we can get our hands on, we paint, drill holes in, or mess with to make it look cooler than it was originally. Giffy and I tend to do stuff like that in spurts, non stop for a few weeks, until we get bored or see something else that intrigues us.  A few weeks ago we were experimenting with painting racing helmets.  We made a mess but we wound up with a pretty cool looking helmet.
After I recovered from the "bad bug" I spent the weekend helping my friend Kevin move.   This guy has moved four times in the last 3 years and I have been part of the move every time.  I told him if he moves one more time in the next year he is going to use up his last  punch on the "friend card."  After we got all of Kevin's stuff moved, we worked on mounting in his huge 50 inch TV on the wall.  It was pretty cool to see how much space that opened up, so I got the bright idea to do the same thing in my room.  I made Kevin help me (because he owes me big time).   After we got the TV mounted it made me want to reorganize my room.  I started the reorganization/destruction (well, initially it was mostly destruction) and I am still far from finished.  Now I am repairing/painting the walls in my room and putting everything back in place. Wish me luck because I have LOTS more to do and I don't have much time to get it done.
I am headed home to Kansas in the beginning of March to be part of the Spring Break Rally on Saturday, March 13th at the Kansas Museum of History.  They have sweet exhibit about the history of cars in Kansas and I am lucky enough to be part of the section on racing in Kansas.  The Kansas Speedway is donating tickets to the truck races in May that I get to give away in a drawing! 

Last year at this time I was hoping to run the Kansas race, but we were not able to make it happen.   This year, things are looking much better.  I just might be racing again by May.  I'll keep you up to date in these newsletters, and on my web site at  Keep checkin' back for good news!

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