Police Department Instructor School at Kansas Speedway

Shawnee Police Department held Emergency Vehicle Operation Instructor School at Kansas Speedway this week.
On Wednesday, the instructors practiced their training techniques on volunteers who were new to driving police cars. The volunteers drove with the instructors on Emergency Vehicle Operations Courses (EVOC) set up in the speedway parking lots. Patrol Officer Joe Lawless set up the EVOC instructor training to help the officers prepare to teach cadets.  Lawless spoke with the volunteers before the course about what to expect.
“Take into consideration what we teach you here today. Some of the things you do here today, remember it won’t make you a professional driver,” Lawless said to the volunteers. “But we’re going to give you instruction while you’re out here and learn about the apex in quick turns and more.”
The officers taught volunteers on three low-speed courses to work on precision maneuvering. These included a “pod” course, parallel parking and serpentine manuevers while driving forward and in reverse. They also drove on a speed course and learned to drive near the apex, while avoiding understeer and oversteer in a turn. Braking exercises taught volunteers to better understand the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and controlling the car when the brakes lock up.
Volunteers like Jason Reed were able to drive a police car and check out the speedway for his first time.
“I had never been out to the speedway before,” Reed said. “I heard there was going to be some police training, so I called to come and check it out.”
The Shawnee Police Department Instructor School continues their EVOC training at the police department this week. In addition to teaching cadets, the instructors will have an annual EVOC training session with all police officers to practice basic driving techniques, as well as the high-speed and low-speed maneuvering.
The Kansas Speedway Security Department works closely with Kansas City area police departments year-round. Security Manager Larry Shepek welcomed the instructor class, eager to share the speedway experience.
“Whether you’re a police affiliate or other newby in the group, we’re glad to have you here with Kansas Speedway,” Shepek said. “Come back at will. You’re more than welcome to contact anyone in the security department and if you want to buy a chalet, we’re ready for that too.”
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