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School Program

  • School Tour Program


    Kansas Speedway’s staff is excited to introduce our new school tour program! We are thrilled to be able to share Kansas Speedway with you and your students while participating and engaging in some CORE skills, including:

    • Communication
      • Reading for information
      • Technical and expository writing as well as letter writing
      • Math and Science applications through real life applications (problem solving, budgets, logic)
      • Social Studies Skills of building and reading timelines, using historical facts
      • PE fitness and endurance practices
      • Art design for functional and creative uses
    • Learning individually and through group interactions via activities and games


    As part of this program, we encourage you to have your students design their own license plate and send them to students at other schools around the country, or family around the country and see where their license plate visits (similar to the Flat Stanley project).


    Kansas Speedway History – this is not a fully detailed history, but rather, some of our highlights. For our complete history, please visit and click on the History tab.


    1996 - International Speedway Corporation (ISC), the company that owns Kansas Speedway and 11 other tracks around the country, began researching new markets for a race track in the Midwest.

    1999 - Construction of the Speedway began.

    2001 - Kansas Speedway held its first races. (Jeff Gordon won the first NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race in September).

    U.S. Historical Side Note – In 2001, Kansas Speedway was not only hosting its first races, but Kansas Speedway hosted the first NASCAR races after 9/11/2001.


    Additional note – Kansas Speedway’s fall race has been a part of NASCAR’s playoffs since 2004, when NASCAR went to a playoff format. Basically, the final 10 races of the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series season are the playoffs (like the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL) and drivers are eliminated along the way (after every three races) and the final race will have four drivers competing for the championship.  *This is a great opportunity to incorporate math into your project – how many points will a driver need to move on to the next round, where would a driver need to finish to win the championship, etc. ( or for more information).


    • Please make sure your students know, their ordinal and intermediate (NE, NW, SE, SW) directions – north, south, east and west. As part of our tour, they will visit our Spotter’s stand where they can see several different areas and be asked to match that location to its direction.


    • Weather and time permitting, we will take a class photo in Victory Lane and mail your photo, along with a certificate of completion (please provide a mailing address).


    All activities for this program can be found on Kansas Speedway’s website,, under About Us and then the Education tab. Each activity is a separate document so you can easily choose which activities you would like your students to participate in. The tri-fold document for your students to fill out while on the tour can also be printed out from this section.

    To schedule your free class tour, please contact: Cole Cochran at

    We look forward to seeing you at Kansas Speedway soon!

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